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Tom O'Keefe, BostonTweet

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Make an Impact!

Make an Impact! is a social impact consulting firm that works with brands and agencies to create successful marketing campaigns, and responsible business decisions, that have a positive impact on community, charity, the world, and your business. 

Tom O'Keefe is a social impact entrepreneur who founded Stride for Stride - a running organization that buys race bibs for immigrant, black and low-income runners - and Heart to Cart - a program that buys supermarket gift cards for families who can't afford to eat. 


In 2008, Tom O'Keefe founded BostonTweet as a way to create awareness for local business during the recession. Today, BostonTweet reaches 300,000+ Bostonians via Twitter, and Instagram with news and pictures about life in Boston.


In 2014, Tom created #DownloadBoston as a way to create awareness for Boston­ based consumer startups.


In June 2015, Tom co-founded Flutter with Steve Callan. Flutter created local experiences for local charities. Flutter is the opposite of an auction in that donations are capped at $10 to give everyone an equal chance at winning, regardless of financial wealth. In the three years, Flutter raised $125,000+ for local charity from over 9,000 people donating just $10

In November 2017, Tom joined Boloco as their Head of Social Impact to integrate charity and community into their restaurants. Some of our impact campaigns were for; Greater Boston Food Bank, Second Chances, ACLU of Massachusetts, Playworks, and Positive Tracks, along with handing out dozens of burritos to the homeless.

In November 2018, Tom created Stride for Stride, which believes everyone should have an equal opportunity to run. Since launch, Stride for Stride has raised $15,000+ for the purchase of race bibs for immigrant, BIPOC, and low-income road runners. Team Stride for Stride consists of road runners from Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Cuba, Jamaica, Chile, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil, and the US. Purchase a neck gaiter for runners to support our mission or visit for a visual of running neck gaiters.


In 2020, Tom relaunched #DownloadBoston to create awareness for all Boston brands, businesses and startups during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In April 2020, Tom created Heart to Cart to buy groceries for those who need them the most during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially the immigrant community in Chelsea, Mass. 


Tom graduated from Boston College with a degree in economics and political science.


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